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Physiotherapy, Spinal, Sports and Complementary Care Clinics in London

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Physiotherapy, Spinal, Sports and Complementary Care Clinics in London

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We have 4 clinics in Central and South East London that provide Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Chiropody, Podiatry and Pilates .

Please note: We are currently experiencing problems with our telephone number 0207 283 0108 so please use 0203 773 5157 instead.


All our physiotherapists are RUNNING SPECIALISTS and many have competed as runners in Marathons, Triathlons and Iron Man events We help improve your run style and efficiency and help prevent injury with our Specialised Screening.

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All our physiotherapists are highly qualified and provide outstanding quality health care. Our therapists come from diverse backgrounds, many having been involved in treating Elite Athletes across various sports including, Olympic Swimmers and Divers, Waterpolo Players, Track and Field Athletes, Tri-Athletes, Basketball Players and Gymnasts as well as professional Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Football Teams. Whilst other therapists have come from a background in the Performing Arts both as performers, and therapists for professional dancers, musicians and Actors. We have specialities in physiotherapy for Hypermobility and providing Vocal Therapy to Actors and Professional Speakers.

Many of our therapists have competed at National and International Level Sport, including competitors at the Commonwealth Games, World Gymnastics Championships, World Triathlon, Iron man and Comrades Races. We understand the demands of an athletes body, as well as the overworked office worker with back and neck pain.

Physio in the City was established in 1990 by Chartered Physiotherapist Jill Dean ( nee Hendry ) and has been providing high quality physiotherapy and Complementary Care services in our clinics around London since then.

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Alain Cauchi

Sophie has a very sympathetic and empathetic nature and using her extensive knowledge works well with you to determine the injury cause so that she can develop the right treatment and rehab program for you. My injuries were calf and hamstring related brought on by short hip flexors and weak glutes.

After some initial treatments which involved massage and acupuncture we spent less time on the treatment table and more time concentrating on developing the right conditioning techniques to gain strength in the weak areas.

These weaknesses consequently turned into strengths to prevent me re injuring myself and successfully being able to run confidently. I am so thankful that I had Sophie as my Physio, who was able to give the right treatment and advice to get me through this.

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