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We are excited to announce that Physio in the City is now part of Capital Physio, the UK's fastest growing private physiotherapy group.

Physio in the City clients will continue to receive the same high standards of care from our lovely therapists but will now benefit from Capital Physio's expansive network of clinics that can be found across the capital.

To find out more, visit or have a chat with our client care team on 033 0333 0435.

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Water based rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatment

We provide water based rehabilitation programmes suitable for active patients who are comfortable exercising in water.

It is especially good for sportsmen and women who have sustained an injury that prevents them from exercising on dry-land.

We can plan a treatment programme enabling patients to start mobilising and strengthening exercises within the non-weight bearing medium of water.

Hydrotherapy can be used in combination with normal “land” based physiotherapy sessions to add variety and speed up rehabilitation.

Initial Assessment

All patients considering hydrotherapy treatment are required to have an initial dry-land assessment so that we can assess your injuries and requirements and plan a suitable programme this will take 25-30 minutes and is booked as a normal clinic appointment.

How long does a Hydrotherapy session last?

Approximately 25 minutes (remember to allow time for changing showering and drying off.

How often can I have Hydrotherapy treatment?

Normally once a week, but initially it may be more and it is often combined with dry-land treatment on another day.

Water temperature

Ideally hydrotherapy is carried out in very warm water but because we use the swimming pools at the Sports clubs where the clinics are situated patients are advised that the water is normal pool temperature (approximately 28 degrees centigrade) so is not suitable for handicapped, elderly or arthritic patients and those who get cold easily.

Pool access

Patients need to be able to change and get into and out of the water unaided.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your own Swim suit, hat and towel.
Lockers and showers are available in the changing rooms at all clubs where hydrotherapy is given.

Clinics where Hydrotherapy is available

Canary Wharf – Third Space Sports Club

Health Insurance

Hydrotherapy may be claimed as part of your physiotherapy treatment on most UK private Health Insurance policies. Subject to the terms of your individual policy. Please contact your insurance provider for details. Click here for Health Insurances.

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