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Physiotherapy, Spinal, Sports and Complementary Care Clinics in London

Physiotherapy Health Insurance Claims

Physio in the City is approved by all major UK health insurance companies.

Please note the following points:

  • All the physiotherapists at our clinics are registered with the Chartered Society and the Health Professionals Council of the UK.
  • Other treatments such as podiatry, acupuncture may also be covered by your health insurance. Please contact your health insurance provider for more information. However, we are only able to claim directly for physiotherapy treatment.
  • Patients should contact their insurance company to find out how to claim on their individual scheme. Policies may differ with respect to the payable allowances and excess amounts payable.
  • Patients are advised to keep all receipts for physiotherapy in order to claim monies from their insurance company.
  • Some Health Insurance companies cover the consultation fees for Podiatry however very few of them cover the cost of orthotics. Please contact your insurance company prior to your visit to ask whether they will cover non-surgical podiatry.

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